18 August 2011

Relax in Hsinchu~ 悠悠之新竹~

Yea, we get enough sleep today. We go to Hsinchu only after the lunch~
We are invited to give few words in JCI meeting, just a little bit introduction ya~

Later on, we sneak out from the meeting and have a tour in Hsinchu. Our tour guide is Ms Gu-Mei-Zhu (古美珠). We visit a historical temple, it is Cheng Huang Temple.

There are nice food stalls surounding the temple and definitely we have tried. The specialty here is Bak-Wan and Gong-Yuan (Both are meat ball ya, just cook in different way)

After that, we EAT again in a Grand Dinner and we can feel the environment of election~ So noisy~~ haha~

啊~今天睡得很充足~ 我们用了午餐后才去新竹〜




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18 Aug 2011
YY @ 洋

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