13 August 2011

Wet Market Tour~~ 早市场走透透~~

Wake up early in the morning around 7am, Chia Chen brings me to the wet market~ This really nice experience which you hardly explore it if you travel in package. Have a look many 'interesting' moment in wet market of Da Jia.
清晨七点醒来佳臻姐带给我大甲的菜市这真是很好特别的经验,如果平时跟旅行团,根本没机会到这里逛逛~一看这里有趣时刻~ 大甲菜市场~

Lets the photos explain~~ :>
 I stay at 4th floor~ Good exercise everyday after heavy food hunting~

That's a great view outside the house~ Fresh paddy field~

Chia-Chen orders breakfast for me~

 Main street of Wai Pu

 I am 'not pretending' to order food~

 Wet market of Da Jia

 Bread for Baibai (worship)~

Fresh vege~

 Mix of vege~

Ginger, so big~

 Watermelon, different shape from Malaysia


 Beauty Leg?
Tiny Fishes

 Unexpected 'assault'~

 Don't what ball is it, perhaps is squid~

 Fresh lemon juice~

 Total purchase~

 Mama is making the 'Triangle Rice'

 Process of making~

It taste great~

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