26 November 2010

Movie Review : Skyline 2010

This is a 93mins movie.. It describes the Alien activities in our mother earth..

The CGI is pretty cool. It definitely gives a very impressive of the scene..
People will like it if they prefer 2012, Matrix, War of the World...

It is a 'go' to watch in Cinema~~

Garmin Asus A10 with Android 2.1 Eclair (OS)

just have my new toy... my first ever smart phone... really smart man...
when it comes with android 2.1, it would be double joy. I am exploring and venturing into it. I am love to share with all. Feel free to ask me any question here~~

15 November 2010

Root~~ Garmin Asus A10 Android 2.1

There are few method to root. I tried the Universal Androot, but I failed. Yet, I tried the Super Onc Click, yes! I did it. Hereby I would like to share about my exp.

1. Download the SuperOneClick 2. Unzip and run in your PC.
3. Connect your A10 to the PC. Choose Garmin-AsusPC Sync , NOT FIle Transfer.
4. In the super once click program, click root.
5. In the A10, go to setting>Application Management>Development>USB Debugging Mode
Check it!

and wait it run till end. It's done~ Simple & Easy~~

Root!:Universal Androot

 Updated on 13/01/2012
I have updated my firmware to  v5.0.77 and everything gonna reset. I found that the Universal Root is pretty easy to root. Just 1 click~

Simple Gathering @ Alamanda..

Nothing to do.. On a very blue Monday, yet, 4 of us are having nice Mc D cum gathering in Alamanda~~