29 December 2011

Gadget Ordered from E-Bay~Cool~

Yea. My orders finally arrived. Can't believe when I received this package. Frankly I didn't put to much hope on these orders so I just try transacted around 15USD (around RM50) via Paypal with my cc.

Well, to my happiness, these things I ordered are cheap in price, good in quality, yet, the only cons is gonna wait some time~ I payed on  12-13 Dec and I receive them today (29 Dec 11 and 31 Dec 11), delivery takes around 2 weeks~ I am ok with it as long as it can save my $$$.

Here is my package~ taa...daa....~~~

Received on 29 Dec 11

Received on 31 Dec 11

Is it cheap? Judge youselve ya~
Here are my items detail and the price~

1) UV MC Filter 67mm
USD 4.68 (RM 14.85)

Meking 67mm Multi Coated MCUV lens Filter Protector for Nikon Canon Sony Sigma

2) UV MC Filter 52mm
USD 2.49 (7.90)

Meking 52mm Multi Coated MCUV lens Filter Protector for Nikon Canon Sony Sigma

3) Hotshoe protector cap with spirit level
USD 2.00 (RM6.35)
Spriti Level Hot Shoe Protect Cover Cap For Canon Nikon

4) Hood for 67mm Lens
USD 3.27 (RM10.38)
Meking 67mm Screw Mount Flower Lens Hood 4 Canon Nikon Sony Sigma Pentax Olympus

5)  Neoprene Soft Lens Pouch
USD 2.24 (RM7.11)

Neoprene Soft Camera Lens Pouch Case Bag Size 8*10cm

After putting on these gadget, here is my baby new look~

By less than RM50 can get a MVUV filter, hood, hotshoe protector~

I plan to get a OEM battery around RM20 (RM50 in Malaysia), a 32GB Class 10, around RM130 (RM250 in Malaysia), another lens pouch~

Research well, buy smart~ Don't be conned by the 'black shop' and visit my blog often~ :D


25 December 2011

An Evening Trip to Sasaran~ 傻傻地傻傻然之旅~

在看了郑某的评论、猩粥日报的报道后,就决定要到 "傻傻然" 走一回~ 于是便约了我的大哥,一同到傻傻然走走、看看、拍拍~


We ART together~ 我们同在 "艺" 起~




我不觉得是阿Jib 哥和老婆咯~ :D

 谁的 Fair Lady 那么舍得~





被艺术盖掉的话~ Penceroboh akan didakwa~ 

 我们看到一个很"用心"的人民药房~ Raaaaayat~




23 December 2011

不吐不快 - Sherlock Holmes vs 龙门飞甲/新龙门客栈 2011

Just finished watching Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows, well, it continues the previous excellence- action, detective, humor, flawless CGI. Overall the movie is nice, nice story plot, yet, it might be slightly complicated for the hints and reveals in some part of the movie. The pace is too fast, perhaps it gives some question marks for the audience. Go for it if you like Sherlock Holmes 2009, Inception, Science Fiction Movies.I enjoy it~ :>

Accidentally, I saw the adv for this movie also Flying Swords of Dragon Gates (龙门飞甲/新龙门客栈 2011). Hereby I am definitely will boycott this movie and perhaps most people will do it. Why? It is because it is CANTONESE version and is not MANDARIN. Jet Li speaks Mandarin, doesn't he? Actors from Taiwan and China speak Mandarin, don't they? So what the hell movie industry in Malaysia 'import' Cantonese version? Let's give them a lesson by not watching it unless Mandarin version is shown! Spread this out~
一起来 杯葛 在大马上映的粤语版龙门飞甲/新龙门客栈 2011! 我们要中文版的!

26 November 2011

Magic Mirror The Musical~ On Show Now! 宝镜音乐剧~ 登场啦~

Magic Mirror The Musical is on show now! It is a come back show from 2008 at Genting International Show Room. With major improvement, better audio and video effects, this show definitely will give a brand of experience of a musical!

宝镜音乐剧 隆重登场! 自从2008年于云顶国际展厅,得到大众的热烈回应,因此,观音基金会把这巨型音乐剧在一次呈现给普罗大众。 这一次,此音乐剧肯定比上一次更加完美, 更如火纯情~ 加上不同的特效以及音视效果,简直就是如虎添翼!

Show time

25 Nov - 4 Dec 2011

More info please visit official website at :-
欲知详情,请到官方网站 :-

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14 November 2011

The Making of Kimchi 泡菜、泡菜、给我一碗泡菜!

Recently, sudden have some 'ohmm' to make the Kimchi. I roughly remember the recipe I learn during having part time job in a Korean Restaurant during long sem break on 2003. OMG, almost 8 years didn't make it. Well, it is not so hard to make Kimchi ya.
最近心血来潮突然想做泡菜。 靠着八年前的回忆(2003曾经在韩国餐厅兼职过),胡乱打撞下,就开始制作泡菜咯~其实,制作过程也没想像中那么困难嘛~

Here is my recipe:
我的独家食谱~ (超简单的啦~)

Vegetable potion (蔬菜部分)
- Chinese Cabbage 中国包菜
- Carrot (white and red) 红/白萝卜
- Cabbage 菜心

Source potion (浆料部分)
- Garlic 蒜米
- Dry chili 辣椒干
- Onion 小葱头
 Overview of the vegetables~

Additional flavor (For vegetarian can skip this part)
附加调味料 (素食者可跳过这步骤~)
- Blended Prawn source. 虾酱 (Know as Cin Cia Lok for Malaysian~)

Direction 制作过程:

Preparing the vegetables...准备蔬菜
- Cut the Chinese Cabbage into small pieces, immerse all with salt water for around 4 hours and
dry it. 把包菜成小片,浸泡在盐水中大约四小时,然后弄干它。
- Cut others vegetables in small pieces as well. 把其他的蔬菜切成小片。

Preparing the Kimchi source... 泡菜浆料制作
- Simple and easy, just blend all for the source potion recipe.

- Mix the vegetables with the blended source and the prawn source. Ensure that all the vegetables are well mix with the source.
- Can add some salt.
- Store in a jar and keep inside the refrigerator for 1 week, well, a fragmented Kimchi can be served~

- After 1 weeks, Kimchi is done with the fragment~yahoo~~

Ready to mix~ 要准备搅拌了~

 After mixing~搅拌之后~

 Store in a jar~ (I only have plastic container~hehe)

 After 6 days, I decided to try cook it. My first time cooking for Kimchi Chike~ Yea, quite successful and delicious. I added some taufu and fish slices to improve the taste~

Never try never know, once try, hari-hari mau~ (want it everyday)

Here is the proof~

Last but not least, Kimchi is well know as one of the healthiest food in the world. The vegetables are fresh and raw with natural preservative. The benefits of Kimchi are:

- Rich with Vitamins C
- Kimchi eliminates cholesterol
- Kimchi promotes intestinal health


YY Law

23 October 2011

A Successful Wedding Mock MTV~ 镜源!你要嫁给我!


Marry Me! Chinyen!

Good job for all the effort and very appreciate for all the participation. Is time to enjoy the output ya~

整体的美, 是来自各位的配合. 谢谢各位的友情演出~ 尽情欣赏吧~

 镜源!你要嫁给我! MTV

镜源!你要嫁给我! +  千言万语 + 制作花絮

慢慢欣赏~~ Enjoy~

22 October 2011

Actress needed for a Short Film Oct 2011

Short Film Looking for a main actress:
- able to act, speak Cantonese

- Shooting day will be on next wed (26 Oct), sat (29 Oct) and sun (30 Oct ** Sunday will shoot until mid night) around Sunway - Subang area.
- meal and transport allowance will be reimbursed as this is only a student project.

Do let me know asap  if interested or may refer to any friend~

Send me your latest photo and some basic info about your exposure in acting.
mailto : andy.lyy@gmail.com

tq~~ :>

19 October 2011

Pasar Malam Di Lembah Klang~

Ramai orang bekerja di Lembah Klang. Maka tentulah berasa bosan selepas kerja, inilah senarai Pasar Malam di Lembah Klang. Harap membantu memenuhi kesunyian anda ya~

Happy Garden
Paramount Garden
Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya
SS13, Subang (behind 3K Building)
Taman Maluri, Cheras
Kepong (near the KTM station)
Taman Putra. Ampang

Kuchai Entreprenuer Park
SS2, Petaling Jaya
Komplex Perhentian Kajang
Puchong Perdana
Taman lensen, Cheras
Kg. Baru Ampang
Sri Kembangan Pasar, Serdang

Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
Jalan 6, Bandar Baru Bangi (nearby Shell Station)
SS13, Subang (behind 3K Building)
Sungai Long
Pandan Jaya, Cheras
Taman Pertama, Cheras

Kuchai Entreprenuer Park
Taman Connought
Fasa 4, Bandar Baru Bangi (nearby flat housing area)
Selayang Jaya

Oversea United Garden (OUG)
Taman Tayton View, Cheras
Taman Cheras
Taman Ehsan, Kepong
Sri Rampai, Setapak
Pandan Jaya, Cheras
Taman Cahaya, Ampang

Sri Endah, Seri Petaling
Taman Desa
Taman Segar, Cheras
Fasa 4 & Kompleks Perhentian Kajang
Precint 2, Putrajaya
Taman Kinrara, Puchong
Pandan Indah, Cheras
Taman Putra, Ampang

Happy Garden
Taman Midah, Cheras
Puchong Bt. 14
Taman Maluri Kepong
Taman Melur Ampang

Kemaskini pada 19 Okt 2011.

16 October 2011

Gunung Datuk...A Lucky Escape~

A feel good and sunny Saturday~ Wow, seldom to be such free on this Saturday. Therefore, we decided to go for a hike at Gunung Datuk. The Gunung Datuk is located nearby Kota, which is around 10km from my hometown. Well, everything is cool and nice during the hiking. At the top of the hill is the most excited moment as can feel the cool breeze and view the nice scenery..

The entrance of the Gunung Datuk is here.

 Best view from the top of the Gunung Datuk~

'Fall' in love again~~
  Gunung Datuk is getting popular and more people are coming for a hike~

 Found a special seed~

     Tree and leafs with nipple? haha~~

Well, when I am on the way going down, some hikers who are going up hill tell me that there is an incident happened at the foot of the mountain, a huge branch of a tree is falling down and hit 2 cars. OMG, that's my 1st reaction inside my heart. Without hesitation, I quickly run down to have a look. To my relief, my car is just before the damaged car, only around 1 meter away.

 Luckily only the tiny branches hit my car.

 Incident scene, 2 damaged cars which are just in front of my car have driven off.

According to the local there, the tree is more than 100 years old.
 The huge branch has damaged the safety bar also

Unfortunately, there is a couple on a motorbike, they are taking a shade and chat under the tree. The male has some bruises on his head while the poor female get a serious fracture on her hand. It might be worse if the female takes off her helmet. I manage to get some video from a witness.

Can see my car is just behind the fallen huge branch

 To calm down myself, I have some Rojak and ABC at the favorite stall in Tampin~

In conclusion, always be good and be nice. Pray more and appreciate what we have now~