12 May 2015

1 Day Trip in Negeri Sembilan~

During a leisure public holiday (Wesak Day), I am decided to bring my mum and aunt to have a day tour in Negeri Sembilan (NS). We visit a pass-by-herb farm, my Keluarga Angkat (host family) @ Jelebu (Kuala Klawang), Pertang (My mum 1st posting as a Teacher) and relative in Air Mawang~ It's time to leave my footprint all over NS.

Early morning, we have a simple breakfast in Taman Woon. The stall just beside Jonny Boon. To my surprise, 3 of us meal + beverage, only cost us RM10.50. I really can't calculate it. Our break fast consists of 3 dried noodles and 1 kopi and 2 kopi-O~

After the breakfast, we are heading to Kota to search for the Petai Pao (Petai Bun) but it is closed. Well, we proceed to Senawang and take a right turn once we see the Kuala Klawang signboard. During the journey, we pass a herb farm and my mum shout 'Herb Farm' and I immediately make a U-turn as FF7,haha~

We have a unplanned stop at TKC Herb Farm.  We are the 1st visitor perhaps and a warm senior staff treat us nice Belalai Gajah hot tea. According to him, the Belalai Gajah is a kind of anti cancel herb. We buy 2 packets and some seedling. I plan to plant it and consume monthly~ hehe~

Simple counter of the farm and the brochure

                                                        Selfie time~ ; Welcome drink 

We proceed to Kuala Klawang after the 'healthy' stop. About 40 mins from the herb farm, we arrive Kuala Klawang town city. A very decent city with a museum. We have a quick city tour and buy some fruits.

In Negeri Sembilan, there are 7 daerah (district) Seremban, Tampin, Rembau, Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Jelebu and Port Dickson. All town cities are named as the district name except town city of Daerah Jelebu is Kuala Klawang. Well the Jelebu is more common used. As I learnt in Geography, Jelebu is the most dry area in Malaysia, means has least rain throughout the year.

 Kuala Klawang town center

 1 of the landmark - Museum

Later on, we head to Kampung Gagu. I had been staying in Kampung Gagu on 2013 for 2 weeks under a CSR program. The kampung is around 5km from the town. We can still see paddy farmers work traditionally without using any machinery.

Entrance of the Kampung Gagu

Good time for the visit.
Many dragonflies.
Traditional way of processing

My aunt used to catch it during childhood

Rest and chit-chat time~

After visiting the paddy field, we finally reach my host family's house. I have a very warm feeling and great to see my favorite kelapa pandan (Pandan coconut tree). We have a nice lunch, thanks Ms. Su has prepared since morning. We walk-a-bout the compound, wow, many plantation that hardly seen in the city.

 My lovely Pandan Coconut~ ; Kampung and I

 Thanks Ms Su (red color shirt lady) for the treat

 Thanks again~ hehe~

Do you know what flower is it?

After the warm hospitality from the host family, we are heading to Titi Village (知知港新村). The peaceful village is well know with its juicy pineapple. My mum buys some pineapples and it is RM6/kg.

Must buy the pineapple

 Wall art 1

 Wall art 2

Good bye Kampung Titi

We leave Titi with some photos taken and head to Pertang. Actually this is 1 of my mum mission. She wants to revisit her 1st posting as a teacher in 1969. She can't really remember the way. After a few tries, yes, finally we have found it. Mum takes photo excitingly. We have a coffee break at one of the coffee shop.

 Primary school signboard

 Feel the moment~
                                                                                                      Pit stop 1
 Leave our footprints here~

It is raining day along way when we travel from Pertang, pass thru Kuala Pilah. Since we are passing Kuala Pilah to Tampin, my aunt would like to visit our relative in Air Mawang. Well, you can find roti canai made by Chinese Malaysian which is really hardly seen now. I would like to recommend an adventurous attraction nearby here, Gua Batu Maloi. A challenging cave tracking location maintained by Forestry Department.

 Kampung Air Mawang ; Local coffee shop
 Eat bun..again~

Our Negeri Sembilan day trip has come to the end~ Mission accomplished.

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