03 January 2014

Fraud Numbers and Emails

Base on my personal experience, I would like to make a database for the fraud number and email :


1.  016 3179629 / 0132780306   rj6235@gmail.com   (Targeting mudah user, fraud buyer)
2.  016 9931854 / 011 26140675   watt_alex@yahoo.com   (Cheated my Taiwan friend. He is Nigerian in Malaysia)
3.  013 2674966   briti_labo73@yahoo.com    (He is accompliced to suspect No.2)
4. luwang@vamprose.cn  (received this via gmail. Spam email)

Fraud Bank account in Malaysia
(Although i reported police, many reasons by police that won't follow up the cases. Perhaps in sharing here people will google and found this info)

1. Cimb Bank   12590009018520   JOSHUA TURAY  (At suspect No. 2)
2. Public Bank   4498878124   SRI PROWANTI  (At suspect No. 2)
 May refer to the screen shot of sms below.

Anyone has bad experience, may share it out the number to let others know.

List to be continued~