29 February 2012

SeeFood~~ in March 2012~~

Seefood... not Seafood!! OK!!??

hehe.. yes, A local production for Anime which will be shown in cinema March 2012~

I have invitation for movie preview~ Those are interested kindly go to the event page and click attending!

Date    : 1 March 2012
Time    :  8.00pm
Place   :  Pavilion, KL

Max 50ppl only~~ First come first serve ya~~ Don't miss it~~

Event page is here~

Have a sneak here~~ The trailer~~

23 February 2012

Movie review : Man On The Ledge~

After watching this movie yesterday night, I have decided to write to review.

Initially when I saw this title, thought is a normal movie. I bought the ticket because I have no other choice as I wanna watch Ghost Rider 2.

'Man On The Ledge' definitely is a good movie. I believe most people will be fooled by it title.
The plot is nice.. The story line is great. At least cant find this kind of story in any movie before~

You may like this if u like MI4, Inception~

A 'Go' for it to watch in cinema~~