04 December 2012

Standard Chartered BIG Jump (into deep sea)

Nothing to say. Read the newsletter below will find the meaning~

Believe many will chop down this card as this is the main attraction of the card.

Good luck and bye bye Standard Chartered Business Platinum~~

05 October 2012

Quote from Wall Street Journal : Top 50 Safest Global Banks

For banking safely, global citizens had better go to the local government. And pretty much avoid the U.S.
Everett Collection But is it safe?
At least that seems to be the take away from Global Finance Magazine’s ranking of  the world’s safest banks.  The top 9 banks in the magazine’s World’s 50 Safest Banks list are all state-backed institutions.
The No. 1 bank on the list is Germany’s KfW, which doesn’t so much act as a traditional bank but as a government-driven lending machine, created in post-war Germany to spur infrastructure spending.
The first publicly traded bank on the list is Canada’s TD Bank Group at No. 11.
Canada as a nation can wave that Maple Leaf flag high as its so-called Big 5 banks all ranked in the top 26.
That blows the U.S. out of the water.
No U.S. bank cracks the list until No. 29 with Bank of New York Mellon, the trust bank that last year threatened to start charging for deposits when customers flooded it with cash.
The top three U.S. banks by assets, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America and Citigroup, miss the cut all together. Wells Fargo, the fourth-biggest U.S. bank comes in at 48th, just ahead of the Standard Chartered in the U.K.
J.P. Morgan had been No. 34 last year.
But those on the list had better not rest on their supposedly safe laurels.
In 2007, the Top 50 counted as Numbers 11-13 Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and Dexia. The list also included HBOS, Wachovia, ABN Amro and Fortis. One financial crisis later and the idea that any of those banks were safe in 2007 is laughable.
Here’s the full 2012 list, which is compiled using credit ratings and assets:
1. KfW – (Germany)
2. Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG) – (Netherlands)
3. Zürcher Kantonalbank- (Switzerland)
4. Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank- (Germany)
5. Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg – Förderbank (L-Bank) – (Germany)
6. Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) – (France)
7. Nederlandse Waterschapsbank – (Netherlands)
8. NRW.Bank – (Germany)
9. Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État – (Luxembourg)
10. Rabobank Group – (Netherlands)
11. TD Bank Group – (Canada)
12. Bank of Nova Scotia- (Canada)
13. DBS Bank – (Singapore)
14. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp – (Singapore)
15. United Overseas Bank – (Singapore)
16. Caisse centrale Desjardins – (Canada)
17. Royal Bank of Canada – (Canada)
18. National Australia Bank – (Australia)
19. Commonwealth Bank of Australia – (Australia)
20. Westpac Banking Corporation – (Australia)
21. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group – (Australia)
22. Kiwibank – (New Zealand)
23. HSBC Holdings – (United Kingdom)
24. Nordea – (Sweden)
25. Bank of Montreal – (Canada)
26. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – (Canada)
27. Svenska Handelsbanken – (Sweden)
28. China Development Bank -(China)
29. Bank of New York Mellon Corp – (United States)
30. Agricultural Development Bank of China – (China)
31. National Bank of Abu Dhabi – (United Arab Emirates)
32. CoBank ACB – (United States)
33. Pohjola Bank – (Finland)
34. National Bank of Kuwait -(Kuwait)
35. DZ Bank – (Germany)
36. Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (BFCM) – (France)
37. U.S. Bancorp  - (United States)
38. National Bank of Canada – (Canada)
39. Northern Trust Corp – (United States)
40. Qatar National Bank – (Qatar)
41. Samba Financial Group – (Saudi Arabia)
42. BancoEstado – (Chile)
43. La Banque Postale – (France)
44. Bank of Taiwan – (Taiwan)
45. Shizuoka Bank – (Japan)
46. Banco de Chile – (Chile)
47. BNP Paribas – (France)
48. Wells Fargo – (United States)
49. Standard Chartered – (United Kingdom)
50. SEB – (Sweden)

quote from

07 September 2012

e-MASS : Pembiayaan bekalan ubat untuk Pesara Awam.

Semasa saya pergi ke Bahagian Pasca Perkhidmatan (PENCEN), JPA untuk membuat tuntutan perubatan pensara, saya mendapati sistem penuntutan perubatan akan berubah, eh bukan, boleh kata TELAH berubah. Bahagian ini di sini, Block C2, Kompleks C. Masuk ke dalam C2, tanya di kauter pertanyaan, Perkhidmatan Pencen adalah berada di tingkat atas daripada lobi di mana boleh naik tangga di sebelahnya.

Gambar berikut saya ambil di Bahagian Pencen:-

Saya telah menghantar 2 kali penuntutan bagi Katarak (Cataract). Untuk makluman, imbuhan balik hanya bagi harga lens , ya untuk LENS sahaja akan dibayar balik untuk pembedahan katarak. Bayaran penginapan, pembedahan, consultant fee dan sebagainya selain daripada LENS tidak termasuk dalam penuntutan dan tidak boleh dituntut balik.

Pengumuman penting : Mulai 15 Mei 2012, Bahagian Pencen JPA tidak akan melayan sebarang permohonan tuntutan perubatan. Segala penuntutan perlu rujuk kepada e-MASS.
Boleh rujuk surat arahan daripada JPA ini

Segala sistem penuntutan telah di-OUTSOURCE kepada 3rd party. Ya, sekali lagi di-OUTSOURCE kepada syarikat  Oratis Services Sdn. Bhd. Lihat pengumuman JPA ini. Apa sebab JPA nak outsource Penuntutan Perubatan ini? Berapa jumlah kontrak yang diberi kepada syarikat ini?

Saya telah melayari e-MASS ini dan pengguna mesti mendaftar (sign up) baru boleh melayari. Kita akan expect pesara sekarang 60-an, 70-an dan 80-an mengguna komputer untuk mengakses dan membuat penuntutan?

Sekiranya sesiapa telah melakukan penuntutan melalui e-MASS ini, boleh berkongsi pengalaman anda.

06 September 2012

Credit Card : Pay Car Insurance with MB2 AMEX

Cool, tested and verified~

I have renewed my car insurance with MB2 AMEX. I took Maybank Etiqa, I sent enquiry email, a sale person call me and I request for the quotation. I got the quotation email immediately once hang up~ Quite efficient.

The car insurance is expired in weekdays, the sale person asks when shall I start the car policy coverage? Without hesitation, I request Etiqa to charge on Sat with my AMEX. To my surprise, my request is accepted. On that Sat morning, I received a last confirmation call before paying with my AMEX and I said yes, done. 5% + 5x treatpoints are mine~ :>

Last, I go to the Post Office to renew my road tax immediately~(There are many operate in weekend). Hassle free~

So? google Maybank Etiqa and explore yourselves~ I won't spoon feed~ hehe..

still, if interested to the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX, can send inquiry to creditcard.malaysia@gmail.com

Promotion : Hong Leong Matta Platinum Credit Card~~

Just came across this ad , there is promo for Hong Leong Matta Platinum Credit Card in conjunction with the coming Matta Fair, 7-9 Sep 2012~


"During the 3 days MATTA Fair, for any sign up Hong Leong Bank MATTA credit card, the cardholder get a free portable refrigerator just use the card once in the next 45. Therefore first year annual fee is also exempted from the the cardholder , RM50 cash rebates and other promotions. "

more useful/ info link :-

Suitable for :-
- Hardcore MATTA Fair fans
- Frequent traveller
- Credit card collector, like me~~ hehe...
- Just for get the free portable refrigerator. (apply, use once, cut on month 11th~)

If anyone is interested, kindly send your inquiry to creditcard.malaysia@gmail.com~

15 July 2012

方大同 15 云顶演唱会~ Khalil Fong Concert @ Genting

刚观赏完方大同的 15云顶演唱会。 为什么叫15呢?因为他最新专辑 - 15。所以,演唱会里大多数都是15 里头的歌曲,当然, 还是有招牌歌曲-爱爱爱, Love Song 等等~ 包括我个人的最爱-小小虫。

以为一些缘分而获得了宝贵的 VVIP 票~ 我的位子距离方大同不到 5 公尺噢~ 非常感激送票人~~呵呵~

一开场,简单的对白,首首好歌马上登场~ 一开始6首歌,每换一首歌,就换一把手吉他和用键盘伴奏,看到有一点眼花~呵呵。 方大同当晚的服装,简单得体的西装,还带点可爱型,一件西装打天下,从头穿到尾,可能是想俭省时间以便唱多一点歌曲吧~



总结来说呢,这次的演唱会算是中规中矩, 如果加入多一些惊喜的话就不错了~ 从各种吉他+键盘,方大同展现个人多才多艺的一面,当中蛮多首歌他是主音加主吉他手! 希望以后能看见方大同展现舞蹈的天分了~

加油 ! 方大同 Khalil Fong ! Ganbatte !

09 July 2012

A Brand New Credit Card hits the Town~~~ Mach Credit Card

Great news for credit card fevers~

A new credit card is announced and released on July 2012.

Mach Credit Card, by Hong Leong Bank. It is great news for those new graduates and annual income RM24,000 can get this cash rebate credit card.

So, what's the benefit by having this credit card? Let see these :-

Cash Rebate 10 %
All cinemas including GSC, TGV, Cathay, Cineleisure, and MBO cinemas.

Cash Rebate 2 %
All bars and clubs such as Bakita, Finnegan’s, Hard Rock Café, Overtime, Sid’s Pubs, The Library, Twentyone, Red Box, Zouk, and many more.

Music & Events
Cash Rebate 3 %
AirAsia RedTix, TicketCharge, TicketPro, and all Rock Corner outlets.

Cash Rebate 2 %
Uniqlo, Cotton On, Forever 21, Zara, Topshop, Topman,
Charles & Keith, G2000, Converse, and Esprit.

Cash Rebate 1 %
All spending on tickets and hotels at AirAsia.

Cash Rebate 5 %
All dining outlets.

Health & Fitness
Cash Rebate 2 %
Fitness Concept, Fitness First, True Fitness, Celebrity Fitness, GNC,
Watson’s, and Guardian.

Cash Rebate 3 %
DiGi, Maxis, and Celcom.

Cash Rebate 2 %
All grocery stores such as Giant, Tesco, Cold Storage, and many more.

Cash Rebate 2 %
Parkson, Tangs, Debenhams, Robinsons, Isetan, Marks & Spencers,
and Metrojaya.

Cash Rebate 1 %
Earn cashback on all online spending.

Cash Rebate 2 %
All IT stores such as Machines, Epicenter, IT Hypermart, and many more.

 I will share more once got more info. How it works? Let's wait and see.

Official Website :

29 May 2012

Sasuke Malaysia Season 2 @ Hari Belia, Putrajaya


Time passes so fast, Sasuke Malaysia Season 2 just over~ Same as last year, to participate it, participants have to submit own training video to get selected.

I've got to know that I'm selected less than 3 weeks, so, no any training is planned. 4 days before the competition day, I've passed thru the obstacle location. OMG, when I see the obstacle for the Sasuke Malaysia Season 2, consists of 5 stages -

1 -  Godantobi (5 Steps Jump)

2 - Jump Hang

3 - Cliff Hanger

4 - Arm Rings

5 - Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall)

From the statistic, the 3rd obstacle has the most 'killing' rate. From the competition day, 90% will get drown and 1% suicide (straight dive into the water without any attempt as is impossible to them. =.=)

For this year, 5 top contestants will represent Malaysia to join Sasuke Singapore. Let's wait and see later~

Now is comedy time~ Let's see how I dive at 2nd obstacle, just like last year. :D


Will update the finalist soon~

1. Nik Saiful (my UTM friend~ Went to K.K. during X-Gempak on 2002)
See how he conquered all the obstacles.



06 May 2012

7.5% off on Every Reload of Touch & Go

Yes, I have verified this yesterday.

I went to Senheng @ USJ10 Taipan for my Touch & Go reload. I have read in forum that Senheng there accepts AMEX for the reload. Yes, it accepts AMEX, i reload RM100 yesterday with my Maybank 2 AMEX. During weekend spend on Maybank 2 Amex, you can entitle 5% rebate + 5x treatpoints (equal to 2.5% rebate) so total is 7.5%!

I checked the receipt, service charge is RM0.50 per reload. Well, every RM100 reload, I can get RM7.50 rebate minus RM0.50 service charge, so is RM7.00 per reload of RM100 with my MB2 AMEX @ Senheng USJ 10 Taipan.

As per sharing by other forumer, Senheng or Sen Q in whole Malaysia will accept MB2 AMEX on weekend. Before reloading, I asked the manager can I reload with credit card, he straight replied "with AMEX?", looks like many forumers have done the same thing before.

If you are hardcore Touch & Go user, every reload of RM500 can get 7.5% (RM37.50)  rebate , isn't cool?

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21 April 2012

观后感~ Battle Ship vs Twisted Love (撞鬼)

昨天看了Twisted Love (撞鬼), 今天看了 Battle Ship. 想发表一些意见~

就从 Twisted Love (撞鬼) 开始吧~ 这部是恐怖喜剧,将在4月26日上映~ 和以往的新加坡鬼戏一般,也就是分成了三个小故事~ 但导演还是勉强地把这三个小故事串在一起,感觉上整个故事好像拖拖拉拉,要拖到90分钟吧~ 这部戏的"笑果"还多过恐怖的气氛,而且故事最后被 FINAS 减到七七八八了,感觉虎头蛇尾。这部电影,算是普普通通。给想买票进场的观众,别期望太大了~
评分 4/10

关于 Battle Ship, 相信很多人都看过了~ 基本上喜欢动作影片、科幻片都会喜欢这部电影吧~

其中我扣分的地方是,灌输 ‘帝国主义’ 意识! 相信很多人看完后,一定有中感觉就是 '幸庆有个强大的军队可以保护家园' ,间接中合理化 某些国家继续增强国家军队, 对强大的军队有种依赖。 可是,未必一定要通过战争来解决问题的。 双方面的沟通、外交、忍让能够化解一切危机~ 这部电影没有看到要通过沟通与外交来解决问题,根本就是合理化只有战争以及强大的军队能带来一切安宁。这纯属个人领悟与看法~ 各位可以分享你们的看法~

评分 8/10

10 April 2012

Summary of My Rebate for Using 'This' Credit Card~

Today is the 1st anniversary year usage of my 'titanium rebate' credit card~

I would like to share my overall saving by using this card~

No Statement


1% 5%
1 Apr

4.99 6.75
2 May

3.40 46.60
3 Jun

2.34 39.75
4 Jul

3.22 18.70
5 Aug

1.00 23.55
6 Sep

3.46 14.55
7 Oct

10.89 37.45
8 Nov

9.57 15.55
9 Dec

3.01 18.65
10 Jan

8.45 24.95
11 Feb

2.59 41.70
12 Mar

1.97 19.40

54.89 307.60

For this month statement, I saw the annual fee waiver RM68 (>12 swipes) and GST waiver (>RM10,000 expenses)

The overall saving in (12 months) is  54.89 + 307.60 + 50 = RM412.49

Spend smart, earn smart~ :>

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财务管理 : 我从信用卡省到的钱~

03 April 2012

PRS - Private Retirement Scheme / Deferred Annuity

The PRS is announced by PM for Budget 2012
This is according to the budget 2012 and approved by BNM & LHDN.

Benefits of this Deferred Annuity

- Extra RM3000 tax relief starting 2012 (It is totally different from Personal relief, EPF, Life; Medical Insurance)
- Save only 10 years while get annuity from age 55 until age of 75.
- Sum Assured along the Deferred Annuity .

If you have a choice, do you wish to save into own pocket or pay more tax?

More detail kindly email me n I will email u the brochure~

I will put the extra money into my own pocket rather than give to 'efficient' govt~
If u kena PCB more, I m sure you will love this  Deferred Annuity

Calculate your PCB here~
Refer to the latest tax relief table here~