15 December 2013

Barang Naik ! (Price Hikes) - 2nd Boo to Maybank Credit Card

Last week I just booed OCBC Titanium. Today, i would like to give another boo to Maybank Credit Card. Here ARE the REASONS :

1. Maybank has revised the treatpoint value (lower down the value to be exactly.) From 200 TP = RM1 become 250 TP = RM1 (previously 1 TP = 0.5% and now 1 TP = 0.4%). Last time 10000 TP to redeem RM50 tesco voucher and now need 12500 TP to redeem RM50 voucher as well as to off the GST, 12500 TP are needed.

2. Listen listen listen. Maybank Treatpoint has NO MORE evergreen. Yes, it will expire in 3 years time. It will expire at the month after 3 years. Thumb down. Look here
So, remember to utilise every TP ya~

As it advertised. New TREAT! What a treat!

Have a look this news, Maybank earning has increase! Why still reduce the benefit?

Nevertheless, the MB 2 Cards still the 1 of the must have credit cards in Malaysia. 5% rebate + 5x TP, why not? :>

Swipe wise and always pay before the due date. Don't work for banks ya~

12 December 2013

A Boo to OCBC Titanium ~

Dear friends, previously i was keep promoting so-called the best rebate credit card in town - OCBC Titanium and now I would like to tarik balik (pull back) since Dec 2013.

Starting from 01 Dec 2013, OCBC Malaysia has reviewed the rebate rate. There is no more 5% rebate for the categories : Petrol, Dining, Bills, Groceries. Yes, IT HAS NO MORE 5%. All have revamped into merely 1% rebate.

You may have a look of the latest brochure link. Only shows 1% for all spending. Barang naik, barang naik! (price hikes!)

Perhaps this move by OCBC will break a lot of loyal card holder. (Yes, including me!) I will definitely switch all my autodebit to a better credit card. (will share in next post)

Nevertheless, for those haven't had 1, do apply 1, use 3 times (go to any petrol station, pump RM5 x 3, that's all), get the travel luggage and cancel the card. (To give OCBC a lesson~~ muahahaha...)

Spend smart~