21 July 2009

Collision with Bird~~

OMG.. It is 2nd times. I hit a chicken few months ago while driving in North-South Highway (Tampin-Tangkak)

Now, today, 21 July 2009, around 9.00am, I am driving with 80km/h, this time, I hit a bird and I found that the bird fell onto the road... haliluya.. hehe...

I intend to take a picture but it seems quite dangerous to stop in middle of East Coast Highway..

03 July 2009


Yea... Long time waiting, finally have the opportunity to travel to Philippines~~

Summary of my trip

Duration : 9-16 June 2009
Location : 9 June @ Manila, 10-16 June @ CDO-Cagayan de Oro
Purpose : Business Trip~~~ (so is FOC~~)
Specialty : People lifestyle at CDO, transportation (jeepney, motorela, tricycle, water transport), local food, leisure activities (white water rafting at CDO~~)

Tips :

1) Currency : RM1 = P13 (20090609) . Ensure to bring enough Pesos or USD or Euro.. For the banks within airport, they no accept RM, so close I manage to exchange at money changer which is near the hotel.

2) Transportation : The public transportation is very cheap. Kindly ensure enough CASH (Pesos or USD) before you check in the flight because you have to PAY EXTRA for the Airport Tax which is not included in the air fare. At Manila Terminal 2, I paid P750 before I can enter the departure hall.

Jeepney~~Main transport in Philippines
I was shocked when it fetchs total 8 persons!!

3) Language : English is Filipinos 2nd language like Malaysian. Therefore, there is no problem for the communication as long as your English is fluent enough.

4) Food : It more likely Chinese+Malay style. Lecon Manok (BBQ Chicken) is nice.
For muslim, there are halal food also. Yet, the hotel breakfast is not halal (fried port, pork porridge). A meal costs about P40-70. The most famous fast food in Philippines is... Jolibee~~a local fast food company which is better than McD & KFC.

5) Weather : Nothing to comment as it is same as Malaysia~~ 以马来西亚的天气来说爱你~

To be continue... :>