25 January 2011

Android Games : NFS Shift Installation Hands On for Garmin Asus A10

There are 2 important files
1. Setup File
2. Data pack

From this website, there are 2 types of version(高通cpu and ms版德州仪器cpu).

So far I have tested on my A10 with 高通cpu and it works. So, Just DL these 2 files
1. Setup (869kb) apk (http://www.coolapk.com/download/game/2523/com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift/)
2. Date pack (59,738kb)  (http://u.115.com/file/f7a60bb274     **Choose this 备份下载  to DL)
(updated 27/1/11)

1. Extract the data pack into A10, the path is : /storage/Android//data/com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift
2. Run and install the apk

Enjoy the game~ Please feedback to me if cant~

21 January 2011

PTPTN~ Tawaran Ujrah

After long waiting, PTPTN finally has come out a 'new plan' to 'attract and force' PTPTN borrower to repay the loan. Nevertheless, it is responsibility to for a borrower to repay the loan.

Hereby I would like to share some info about this, perhaps a summary also~~

Ujrah offers:
- Interest rate from 3% (base on outstanding and impose monthly around 15-17th of the month) to 1% (it is a lump-sum calculation base on the outstanding on Jun 2008).
- Repayment method : Deduction on monthly salary for those are working after getting approval from LHDN.

- Is really save a lot. (common sense, 3%=>1%. Save from E-GIRO as well~)
- Better financial management. (auto deduction from payroll, no need to struggle where to get the money~)

- Interest is charged for around 15 years! (Mine is 174 months, it is vary for different borrower as the outstanding is different)
- Once accept the offer, the interest is charged for 15 years! (No point to settle it early, it is like take a Hire Purchase for a car. Get it? Currently, the interest is charged monthly base on outstanding like taking a housing loan, so if you hit a lottery, you can settle it lump-sum)

* I am Officer in Management and Professional(Pengurusan dan Professional), I can chop and sign for the required parts~hehe...

Just have spoken with some friends. Those who are haven't done any repayment since graduation will NOT be offered by PTPTN.

Feel free to discuss here~~

Important Link
Tawaran Ujrah

PTPTN Statement

YY's installed apk (Games) for Android

1. NFS Shift
A high end game car racing game. Unexpected it runs very smooth with my A10. The songs are nice and the game is excellent.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2523-com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift/

2. Gun N Glorious
My best favorite of Tower Defense game. A cowboy style defense. Instead using normal tower, it apply a creative concept, "Recruit and Defense". Very nice~
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2885-com.hg.gunsandglory/

3. Galaxy Domination
A strategy domination game. Simple graphic but it is addictive.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2891-com.olivier1664.GalaxyDomination/

4. Galcon
It is similiar to Galaxy Domination. The graphic is much more better and more interactive.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2890-com.galcon.igalcon/

5. 3 Kingdom Tower Defence  (written on 15/1/11)
I am Tower Defence game fans~ (Perhaps influenced by WC3?)
This TD game, features with nice game play. Tower + Hero defence.
With the very cool hip hop music, it is ideal to play with head phone~
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-3398-com.joymasterrocks.ThreeKTD/

To be continue~~~

04 January 2011

Garmin Asus A10 : Additional Map Installation

I checked online.. Garmin Asus A10 is built in with Garmin 1460 which is 1xxx series. 1xxx series supports junction view but no 3D View. 1xxx series is good in supporting 3rd party maps. By creating a 'map' folder, dump in any *.img file and the map can be detected. If the cant see the map, probably that is a 'locked' map..But is ok, just use jetmouse unlocked, by 1 click any *.img can be unlocked and readable.. i have tested few maps and it works..

Update on 6 June 2011
The 'unlocked' map can put at this path storage/map/
as long as the map is unlocked and is .img, can see in the setting/map info

More are coming~