04 January 2011

Garmin Asus A10 : Additional Map Installation

I checked online.. Garmin Asus A10 is built in with Garmin 1460 which is 1xxx series. 1xxx series supports junction view but no 3D View. 1xxx series is good in supporting 3rd party maps. By creating a 'map' folder, dump in any *.img file and the map can be detected. If the cant see the map, probably that is a 'locked' map..But is ok, just use jetmouse unlocked, by 1 click any *.img can be unlocked and readable.. i have tested few maps and it works..

Update on 6 June 2011
The 'unlocked' map can put at this path storage/map/
as long as the map is unlocked and is .img, can see in the setting/map info

More are coming~

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