21 January 2011

PTPTN~ Tawaran Ujrah

After long waiting, PTPTN finally has come out a 'new plan' to 'attract and force' PTPTN borrower to repay the loan. Nevertheless, it is responsibility to for a borrower to repay the loan.

Hereby I would like to share some info about this, perhaps a summary also~~

Ujrah offers:
- Interest rate from 3% (base on outstanding and impose monthly around 15-17th of the month) to 1% (it is a lump-sum calculation base on the outstanding on Jun 2008).
- Repayment method : Deduction on monthly salary for those are working after getting approval from LHDN.

- Is really save a lot. (common sense, 3%=>1%. Save from E-GIRO as well~)
- Better financial management. (auto deduction from payroll, no need to struggle where to get the money~)

- Interest is charged for around 15 years! (Mine is 174 months, it is vary for different borrower as the outstanding is different)
- Once accept the offer, the interest is charged for 15 years! (No point to settle it early, it is like take a Hire Purchase for a car. Get it? Currently, the interest is charged monthly base on outstanding like taking a housing loan, so if you hit a lottery, you can settle it lump-sum)

* I am Officer in Management and Professional(Pengurusan dan Professional), I can chop and sign for the required parts~hehe...

Just have spoken with some friends. Those who are haven't done any repayment since graduation will NOT be offered by PTPTN.

Feel free to discuss here~~

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