16 March 2012

Diablo 3 is Released on 15 March 2012 !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Proudly presents.....

Diablo 3

暗黑破坏神 3

Once again, Blizzard presents another highly expected/ popular PC game on 15 March 2012~
The Diablo 3.

Have been played for Diablo 1 & 2, I really looking forward to have a try for the 3rd! Let's support the original and meet in Battlenet soon~

More info about Diablo 3

Trailer @


15 March 2012

Education Fair vs Travel Fair vs 'Ball' Fiesta~~

Wao, this weekend ( 16-18 March 2012 )  so happening~ 3 events are happening in KL~

So, what is the attraction for each event? well, personally I won't go to Matta Fair as it it become more and more commercialize~ Falcon Education Fair and Hot Air Balloon Fiesta are free entrance~ Moreover, there are many complaints again Matta Fair where as there any many fake packages~ You don't complain if you buy any travel voucher which can't be redeem later~ There are few concerns also : traffic jam, 'human' jam inside the fair. Think twice if you just wanna have a walk there unless you have clear target that which travel package to be bought.

Falcon fair, well, a normal education fair. I don't how many education fairs in 1 year~ It is good for those SPM/STPM students to survey and research on their field of interested in their further education~ I will go there to check any good courses for my Master Degree study~

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the 4th time. This definitely suitable for a family outing as there very happening over there. Visitors are stand a chance to have a ride on the Hot Air Balloon~ My concern is the recent raining weather might affect the mood of visitors. I will go there definitely to test my shooting skill.

Here are the Events Flyers (I rated them by the size of the picture~~ :D):-

Falcon Education Fair

Matta Travel Fair

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta~

12 March 2012

Sukan vs Politik

Perlawanan akhir All England 2012 bagi perseorangan lelaki antara Lee Chong Wei dan Lin Dan cukup mencuit hati. Kedua-dua permain telah menunjukkan prestasi yang cukup tinggi. Penyokong-penyokong kedua-dua permain juga menunjukkan 'prestasi' yang juga tinggi dengan memberi sokongan dan sorakkan yang cukup kuat.

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, pastinya ingin melihat kemenangan negaranya. Ini boleh dilihat daripada TV bahawa semua rakyat Malaysia di Birmingham menunjukkan semangat patriotik dengan menyokong 'kau kau' kepada Lee Chong Wei. Kalau Rasid Sidek lawan Lin Dan, saya pasti rakyat Malaysia tetap akan menyokong Rashid Sidek.

Selepas menyaksikan perlawanan akhir All England 2012, saya telah membuat satu kesimpulan terhadap Sukan dan Politik.

Sukan sebagai PEMANGKIN perpaduan rakyat
Politik sebagai PENGHALANG BATU perpaduan rakyat

Gambar pada saat perlawanan akhir itu memang menunjukkan hasrat semua rakyat Malaysia iaitu berharap Lee Chong Wei boleh menang. Walau bagaimanapun, kemenangan perlawanan tersebut pun tidak penting. Yang penting, rakayat Malaysia di luar negara telah menunjukkan semangat patriotik. Soalanya, adakah mereka layak untuk undi? Tanyalah SPR~ Sukan memang mendorong perpaduan rakyat Malaysia.

Bagaimana dengan politik pula? Politik, lebih tepat boleh dikatakan Ahli Politik di Malaysia sahaja (Yes! Only in Malaysia) merupakan penghalang batu kepada perpaduan rakyat Malaysia. Sejak kemerdekaan Malaysia, ahli politik demi menjaga kepentingan sendiri (poket rupa-rupanya~), mereka akan mengelakkan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia.

Formula ini sebenar dicipta oleh negara yang 'Great' sebelum merdeka. Ahli politik mendapati formula 'pecah dan perintah' (divide and rule) amatlah berkesan supaya boleh mengaut undi (sekali lagi, duit poket lah~~) besar. Ini memang cara yang terbaik dan terpantas untuk mendapat sokongan dan undi.

Apakah buktinya? Kita lihat parti-parti politik, ini cukup jelas menunjukkan 'pecah dan perintah'. Mungkin adalah orang kata bahawa parti berbilang kaum tak semesti mendorong perpaduan, betul ke ni? Fikirlah dengan kepada otak kau~~ :D 

Yang penting, parti yang terbuka kepada berbilang kaum akan memberi lebih interaksi dan juga komunikasi antara kaum dan secara langsung mendorong kepada perpaduan. Hasilannya mungkin bukanlah  segera, tetapi ia pasti akan memberi kesan positif dari masa ke semasa.

Sebelum itu Malaysia mempunyai seorang pemimpin menyahut supaya keahlian parti terbuka kepada semua kaum demi menjaga kepentingan rakyat Malaysia, akan tetapi cadangan beliau telah ditolak dan dihalau keluar partinya. Demi menjaga poketnya, ahli politik Malaysia (Yes! Only in Malaysia) tetap gemar dengan permainan yang mudah dan senang -

Sekali lagi ini menunjukkan

Sukan sebagai PEMANGKIN perpaduan rakyat
Politik sebagai PENGHALANG BATU perpaduan rakyat

Oleh itu, JOM Bersukan lebih baik daripada Berpolitik~~ Harap Lee Chong Wei bangkit semula di Sukan Olimpik!!!

07 March 2012

A New Warcraft 3 TFT Battlenet Free Server~ MyGarena Server

Good news, believe many people are frustrated when the JuzDota is DOWN.. Yes, is DOWN again~

I found this server only and I tried it. Wao, it is cool, no lag and works like normal battlenet, just create the account within the battlenet.

I have created the game with only 384kbs speed and no lag for people who joined my game~
* For Malaysia/ Singapore or nearby countries only are smooth. Not advisable for those stay much farther~

To access the Malaysia free Warcraft 3 TFT battlenet, very easy, here are the steps:

1- Download Attachments.
Download link is here
- You have to spend 5 mins to register a free account to download it~

2- Extract MyGarenaLoader.exe -> Warcraft III Folder
3- Run MyGarenaLoader.exe
4- It will automatically runs your Warcraft III
* If is not run WC3 and it will create a loader file 'MyGarena', just double click on it~ 

5- Click "Battle.Net"
6- Create New Account
7- Enjoy the game~

Update on 2012 April 28,
A new server is up~~ DOTA FURY
 Please find the link below for self explanatory~

06 March 2012

Buy 1 Free 1 for GSC Movie Ticket~

Cool, the OCBC is giving the promotion from 1 Mac - 30 June 2012~ Any time, any class, any GSC Outlet for ANY OCBC credit card~

 It is good for those always go to GSC. I will try it this week~

More info can visit the OCBC site