07 March 2012

A New Warcraft 3 TFT Battlenet Free Server~ MyGarena Server

Good news, believe many people are frustrated when the JuzDota is DOWN.. Yes, is DOWN again~

I found this server only and I tried it. Wao, it is cool, no lag and works like normal battlenet, just create the account within the battlenet.

I have created the game with only 384kbs speed and no lag for people who joined my game~
* For Malaysia/ Singapore or nearby countries only are smooth. Not advisable for those stay much farther~

To access the Malaysia free Warcraft 3 TFT battlenet, very easy, here are the steps:

1- Download Attachments.
Download link is here
- You have to spend 5 mins to register a free account to download it~

2- Extract MyGarenaLoader.exe -> Warcraft III Folder
3- Run MyGarenaLoader.exe
4- It will automatically runs your Warcraft III
* If is not run WC3 and it will create a loader file 'MyGarena', just double click on it~ 

5- Click "Battle.Net"
6- Create New Account
7- Enjoy the game~

Update on 2012 April 28,
A new server is up~~ DOTA FURY
 Please find the link below for self explanatory~


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