15 March 2012

Education Fair vs Travel Fair vs 'Ball' Fiesta~~

Wao, this weekend ( 16-18 March 2012 )  so happening~ 3 events are happening in KL~

So, what is the attraction for each event? well, personally I won't go to Matta Fair as it it become more and more commercialize~ Falcon Education Fair and Hot Air Balloon Fiesta are free entrance~ Moreover, there are many complaints again Matta Fair where as there any many fake packages~ You don't complain if you buy any travel voucher which can't be redeem later~ There are few concerns also : traffic jam, 'human' jam inside the fair. Think twice if you just wanna have a walk there unless you have clear target that which travel package to be bought.

Falcon fair, well, a normal education fair. I don't how many education fairs in 1 year~ It is good for those SPM/STPM students to survey and research on their field of interested in their further education~ I will go there to check any good courses for my Master Degree study~

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the 4th time. This definitely suitable for a family outing as there very happening over there. Visitors are stand a chance to have a ride on the Hot Air Balloon~ My concern is the recent raining weather might affect the mood of visitors. I will go there definitely to test my shooting skill.

Here are the Events Flyers (I rated them by the size of the picture~~ :D):-

Falcon Education Fair

Matta Travel Fair

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta~

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