15 November 2010

Root~~ Garmin Asus A10 Android 2.1

There are few method to root. I tried the Universal Androot, but I failed. Yet, I tried the Super Onc Click, yes! I did it. Hereby I would like to share about my exp.

1. Download the SuperOneClick 2. Unzip and run in your PC.
3. Connect your A10 to the PC. Choose Garmin-AsusPC Sync , NOT FIle Transfer.
4. In the super once click program, click root.
5. In the A10, go to setting>Application Management>Development>USB Debugging Mode
Check it!

and wait it run till end. It's done~ Simple & Easy~~

Root!:Universal Androot

 Updated on 13/01/2012
I have updated my firmware to  v5.0.77 and everything gonna reset. I found that the Universal Root is pretty easy to root. Just 1 click~


  1. wcw: In the list of app..A 'super user' app will be shown in the list. If not, it is not rooted. You may try this app, Titanum Backup, only root user can run the app~

  2. Hi friend, What is the diff between root a10 and non rooted a10??

  3. Hi Nic, in I-Phone, it's called Jail Break; In Android, it's called Rooted~ Means, it gives the superuser right (admin right in Windows). Certain programs need root user(mostly on system utility programs.)

  4. Oh...i see. Thats mean we can install more utility programs if we root our a10,right?

    anywhere do u feel the diff before and after u update ur garmin map? Currently im not satisfy with the garmin map( for example, i type in my friend home add, but it only bring me to the street not according to the house number leh...)

  5. Hi Nic, Yes, you are right. Root Explorer, Titanium Backup which are the programs need root user. I am using them. Is a MUST utility program.

    I have DL many maps. So far the navigation quite good. About the house number, I don't rely that Garmin can bring me to exact 1. Perhaps it will be improved. I did update, it is the same.

  6. did i need 2 restart my a10 after doing da rooting?

  7. i tried what you did but when i tried to run the su test it said it failed.

    so you mean you clicked the root botton of SOC before checking the USB debugging mode?

  8. Hi Chiefcook,

    Yes. Click the root. You can try those apps with root user needed.

  9. i tried the method, i cant root using this superoneclick. i also tried to root by z4root & universal root, also failed.
    i don't knw what is the cause, maybe because i m using the latest version of software firmware??
    i m using garmin asus a10, software version is v5.0.77


Thanks for the comment