21 January 2011

YY's installed apk (Games) for Android

1. NFS Shift
A high end game car racing game. Unexpected it runs very smooth with my A10. The songs are nice and the game is excellent.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2523-com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift/

2. Gun N Glorious
My best favorite of Tower Defense game. A cowboy style defense. Instead using normal tower, it apply a creative concept, "Recruit and Defense". Very nice~
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2885-com.hg.gunsandglory/

3. Galaxy Domination
A strategy domination game. Simple graphic but it is addictive.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2891-com.olivier1664.GalaxyDomination/

4. Galcon
It is similiar to Galaxy Domination. The graphic is much more better and more interactive.
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-2890-com.galcon.igalcon/

5. 3 Kingdom Tower Defence  (written on 15/1/11)
I am Tower Defence game fans~ (Perhaps influenced by WC3?)
This TD game, features with nice game play. Tower + Hero defence.
With the very cool hip hop music, it is ideal to play with head phone~
Can get it from here : http://www.coolapk.com/game-3398-com.joymasterrocks.ThreeKTD/

To be continue~~~

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