12 December 2013

A Boo to OCBC Titanium ~

Dear friends, previously i was keep promoting so-called the best rebate credit card in town - OCBC Titanium and now I would like to tarik balik (pull back) since Dec 2013.

Starting from 01 Dec 2013, OCBC Malaysia has reviewed the rebate rate. There is no more 5% rebate for the categories : Petrol, Dining, Bills, Groceries. Yes, IT HAS NO MORE 5%. All have revamped into merely 1% rebate.

You may have a look of the latest brochure link. Only shows 1% for all spending. Barang naik, barang naik! (price hikes!)

Perhaps this move by OCBC will break a lot of loyal card holder. (Yes, including me!) I will definitely switch all my autodebit to a better credit card. (will share in next post)

Nevertheless, for those haven't had 1, do apply 1, use 3 times (go to any petrol station, pump RM5 x 3, that's all), get the travel luggage and cancel the card. (To give OCBC a lesson~~ muahahaha...)

Spend smart~

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