06 May 2012

7.5% off on Every Reload of Touch & Go

Yes, I have verified this yesterday.

I went to Senheng @ USJ10 Taipan for my Touch & Go reload. I have read in forum that Senheng there accepts AMEX for the reload. Yes, it accepts AMEX, i reload RM100 yesterday with my Maybank 2 AMEX. During weekend spend on Maybank 2 Amex, you can entitle 5% rebate + 5x treatpoints (equal to 2.5% rebate) so total is 7.5%!

I checked the receipt, service charge is RM0.50 per reload. Well, every RM100 reload, I can get RM7.50 rebate minus RM0.50 service charge, so is RM7.00 per reload of RM100 with my MB2 AMEX @ Senheng USJ 10 Taipan.

As per sharing by other forumer, Senheng or Sen Q in whole Malaysia will accept MB2 AMEX on weekend. Before reloading, I asked the manager can I reload with credit card, he straight replied "with AMEX?", looks like many forumers have done the same thing before.

If you are hardcore Touch & Go user, every reload of RM500 can get 7.5% (RM37.50)  rebate , isn't cool?

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  1. many shops dun makan AMEX, bcos bank charges to merchant very high
    AMEX really useful at weekend ^^
    i only able use at hypermarket & petrol at weekend with AMEX

    1. yup, correct. for the BIG/luxury merchants will accept AMEX for sure. Dun forget buy your flight ticket, concert tickets on weekend also. :>

  2. u pump petrol at esso or petron during weekend. 9% rebate.


Thanks for the comment