22 June 2015

Old time performance in UTM~~ Chili and Tomato??!! :D

There was a performance together presented by Kolej Perdana newcomers during orientation weeks 2006/2007 on 8 July 2006 @ DSI, UTM.

Found this video when I was tidying up my room. What a memorable moment~ Our performance was at the 3rd place among 10 colleges (kolej) and we got the best laughter among the performances~

Sharvinder, Ida Tan, Lifen only are the names I can remember~ help to tag them up~ :>
Credit to all of the performers and I was just composing the Chili and Tomato part~

Persembahan Kolej Perdana Sempena Malam Bakat Mingguan Haluan Siswa 2006/2007
8 Julai 2006


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