16 October 2011

Gunung Datuk...A Lucky Escape~

A feel good and sunny Saturday~ Wow, seldom to be such free on this Saturday. Therefore, we decided to go for a hike at Gunung Datuk. The Gunung Datuk is located nearby Kota, which is around 10km from my hometown. Well, everything is cool and nice during the hiking. At the top of the hill is the most excited moment as can feel the cool breeze and view the nice scenery..

The entrance of the Gunung Datuk is here.

 Best view from the top of the Gunung Datuk~

'Fall' in love again~~
  Gunung Datuk is getting popular and more people are coming for a hike~

 Found a special seed~

     Tree and leafs with nipple? haha~~

Well, when I am on the way going down, some hikers who are going up hill tell me that there is an incident happened at the foot of the mountain, a huge branch of a tree is falling down and hit 2 cars. OMG, that's my 1st reaction inside my heart. Without hesitation, I quickly run down to have a look. To my relief, my car is just before the damaged car, only around 1 meter away.

 Luckily only the tiny branches hit my car.

 Incident scene, 2 damaged cars which are just in front of my car have driven off.

According to the local there, the tree is more than 100 years old.
 The huge branch has damaged the safety bar also

Unfortunately, there is a couple on a motorbike, they are taking a shade and chat under the tree. The male has some bruises on his head while the poor female get a serious fracture on her hand. It might be worse if the female takes off her helmet. I manage to get some video from a witness.

Can see my car is just behind the fallen huge branch

 To calm down myself, I have some Rojak and ABC at the favorite stall in Tampin~

In conclusion, always be good and be nice. Pray more and appreciate what we have now~


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