06 October 2011

No Claim No Gain! A Victory Against Cunning Bank!

Yea... I won in the 'battle'~

Last month, Sep 2011, I have decided to cancel my credit card to avoid the RM50 gst which is due on Oct 2011. As I known, this tricky bank policy indicates that the cashback has to be accumulate until RM50 then only can be taken out. As for the day I check with call, I still have RM16.46 cashback in my particular credit card account.

The operator informed that the balance cashback will be forfeited once the cancellation of the card.Well, I kept silence and proceed for the cancellation of the card. Later on, I quickly sent an complaint email to both CT bank and Bank Negara about this issue.

To my happiness, I receive the refund cheque of RM16.46 today. Muahaha....
Yes, CT Bank did send me a mail with a cheque.... 

Moral of the sharing, always fight for the right! and must remember, never try, never know~~ hehe.. :>

- RM50 gst hasn't be imposed.
- I received a cheque of my balance cashback although it is less than RM50. (I have few times off set in my statement once accumulate RM50, yet, gonna cut it before anniversary~)
- Issue settle in 2 weeks after sending the emails

Additional info, I have sent my complaint email only to these emails:-
- malaysia.customer.service@citi.com (CT Bank)
- bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my  (Bank Negara)

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