14 October 2011

World Cyber Games 2011 in Malaysia~

Wow....World Cyber Games 2011 (WCG) is back in 2011, for the consecutive year of 11th!
This national event is held on 7-9 October 2011 at CapSquare, where I visit for the first time also.

More info about WCG can refer this link

I had been visited the World Final WCG in Singapore during 2005, which I had experienced an international world gaming event.

 Main booth of WCG Malaysia.

                    My favorite game schedule, Warcraft 3                              Brief of Tournament Area

I have witnessed the final of Warcraft 3. It is very competitive match, Night Elf  vs Human. The Human starts with a good tower rush and manage to distract the Elf has given a good opening battle. As a result, Human strategy : Hero-Panda, with the Breath of Fire, wisps are being eliminated easily, Battle Ram, buildings are too vulnerable to this siege unit. Well, Elf is total GG for this match. Here are the both players.


 Overall Scoreboard

The live big projected screen.

Starcraft 2 Final

Well, it is a happening event and it creates a proper arena for youth to excel their interest and skills. Perhaps WCG Malaysia will continue as grand annual gaming event! Bravo~

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