14 November 2011

The Making of Kimchi 泡菜、泡菜、给我一碗泡菜!

Recently, sudden have some 'ohmm' to make the Kimchi. I roughly remember the recipe I learn during having part time job in a Korean Restaurant during long sem break on 2003. OMG, almost 8 years didn't make it. Well, it is not so hard to make Kimchi ya.
最近心血来潮突然想做泡菜。 靠着八年前的回忆(2003曾经在韩国餐厅兼职过),胡乱打撞下,就开始制作泡菜咯~其实,制作过程也没想像中那么困难嘛~

Here is my recipe:
我的独家食谱~ (超简单的啦~)

Vegetable potion (蔬菜部分)
- Chinese Cabbage 中国包菜
- Carrot (white and red) 红/白萝卜
- Cabbage 菜心

Source potion (浆料部分)
- Garlic 蒜米
- Dry chili 辣椒干
- Onion 小葱头
 Overview of the vegetables~

Additional flavor (For vegetarian can skip this part)
附加调味料 (素食者可跳过这步骤~)
- Blended Prawn source. 虾酱 (Know as Cin Cia Lok for Malaysian~)

Direction 制作过程:

Preparing the vegetables...准备蔬菜
- Cut the Chinese Cabbage into small pieces, immerse all with salt water for around 4 hours and
dry it. 把包菜成小片,浸泡在盐水中大约四小时,然后弄干它。
- Cut others vegetables in small pieces as well. 把其他的蔬菜切成小片。

Preparing the Kimchi source... 泡菜浆料制作
- Simple and easy, just blend all for the source potion recipe.

- Mix the vegetables with the blended source and the prawn source. Ensure that all the vegetables are well mix with the source.
- Can add some salt.
- Store in a jar and keep inside the refrigerator for 1 week, well, a fragmented Kimchi can be served~

- After 1 weeks, Kimchi is done with the fragment~yahoo~~

Ready to mix~ 要准备搅拌了~

 After mixing~搅拌之后~

 Store in a jar~ (I only have plastic container~hehe)

 After 6 days, I decided to try cook it. My first time cooking for Kimchi Chike~ Yea, quite successful and delicious. I added some taufu and fish slices to improve the taste~

Never try never know, once try, hari-hari mau~ (want it everyday)

Here is the proof~

Last but not least, Kimchi is well know as one of the healthiest food in the world. The vegetables are fresh and raw with natural preservative. The benefits of Kimchi are:

- Rich with Vitamins C
- Kimchi eliminates cholesterol
- Kimchi promotes intestinal health


YY Law


  1. haha, really easy to make it
    thank you for sharing the recipe

    in korea, as long it's vegetable
    all can be fermented into kimchi
    even crab, ikan bilis n alot alot can be become kimchi
    u can try other vege next time like radish, cucumber etc.... =D


Thanks for the comment