29 December 2011

Gadget Ordered from E-Bay~Cool~

Yea. My orders finally arrived. Can't believe when I received this package. Frankly I didn't put to much hope on these orders so I just try transacted around 15USD (around RM50) via Paypal with my cc.

Well, to my happiness, these things I ordered are cheap in price, good in quality, yet, the only cons is gonna wait some time~ I payed on  12-13 Dec and I receive them today (29 Dec 11 and 31 Dec 11), delivery takes around 2 weeks~ I am ok with it as long as it can save my $$$.

Here is my package~ taa...daa....~~~

Received on 29 Dec 11

Received on 31 Dec 11

Is it cheap? Judge youselve ya~
Here are my items detail and the price~

1) UV MC Filter 67mm
USD 4.68 (RM 14.85)

Meking 67mm Multi Coated MCUV lens Filter Protector for Nikon Canon Sony Sigma

2) UV MC Filter 52mm
USD 2.49 (7.90)

Meking 52mm Multi Coated MCUV lens Filter Protector for Nikon Canon Sony Sigma

3) Hotshoe protector cap with spirit level
USD 2.00 (RM6.35)
Spriti Level Hot Shoe Protect Cover Cap For Canon Nikon

4) Hood for 67mm Lens
USD 3.27 (RM10.38)
Meking 67mm Screw Mount Flower Lens Hood 4 Canon Nikon Sony Sigma Pentax Olympus

5)  Neoprene Soft Lens Pouch
USD 2.24 (RM7.11)

Neoprene Soft Camera Lens Pouch Case Bag Size 8*10cm

After putting on these gadget, here is my baby new look~

By less than RM50 can get a MVUV filter, hood, hotshoe protector~

I plan to get a OEM battery around RM20 (RM50 in Malaysia), a 32GB Class 10, around RM130 (RM250 in Malaysia), another lens pouch~

Research well, buy smart~ Don't be conned by the 'black shop' and visit my blog often~ :D



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