17 August 2011

Hakka Dance~~ 台客舞~

Early morning, we meet up with other international guests~ We visit some historical places in Sanyi. Including Longteng Broken Bridge,Hakka Vilage, Sheng-hsing Train Station. We have our nice Hakka style lunch and enjoy making the Hakka Tea.

After that, we go to the old street (Sculpture Street) of Sanyi. Sanyi is also called as Taiwan's Woodcarving Capital.

Later on, we go to a farm, A cow farm ya~ There are so many huge cow to produce milk~ We grab this opportunity to try the fresh milk.

Lucia/Slovakia stays with me.. ops, is with us.. We have a walk around my host's house~ It is totally a country side~




露西雅/斯洛伐 今晚到我们家过夜..傍晚时我们到周围散散步〜享受一下乡下的感觉~~ 

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17 Aug 2011
YY @ 洋

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