04 August 2011

Mabul Island~ Combination of Heaven & Hell~~@ 27-30 July 2011~

After 1 year booking and planning, finally we have started our journey to Mabul Island~ We took flight to Tawau, by a mini van, we proceed to Semporna from Tawau Airport (around 90km, 1.5 hours). Impressively, the van can fit in 11 Adults and 2 Children~

This driver very funny also, keep looking for petrol station and he drives into 2 petrol station and both are sold out~~ =.=
Have a look for the petrol station in rural area~

??!! I saw this in Semporna petrol station~~

Petrol purchase more than RM1000++      =.=

After taking lunch, we contacted Uncle Yong and our journey has started~

It takes around 60 mins speed boat from Semporna Jetty. Surrounding the islands are Kapalai and Sipadan Island. There are plenty of Resorts and Homestay Houses~ Our fate is here, Summer Friends Homestay~
Beside me is the Uncle Yong's daughter, Lisa Yong~ Luckily, we have a young and dynamic guide throughout this 4 days 3 nights as it seldom can see youngster in this industry (most youngster will travel and work in downtown~)

Outlook of the Homestay (Feel like staying in Kukup~~)

Omg, I met him! Anyone seen him before? Looks familiar in TV program~ He is one of the crew in the homestay~

There are some native staying there, Bajau Laut and Suluk Muslims.
 There are SO MANY children running here and there~

 Their building is Atap style~

Sidai baju bawah rumah??

A very native settlement

I found that 1 of the common entertainment for the children here are Flying Kite~ From morning until everning, definitely can see many kites are fluttering in the air~~

1 of the favorite activity here, 'Chicken Fight', according to Lisa, the locals use to rear and train the rooster~See the photo series below:

1 interesting thing i did it, I TOUCHED a Jelly Fish! Unbelievable~ They said it is not poisonous~ and other oceanic life~
 Star fish
Sea urchin

clip 45 (to be uploaded soon)

While we are staying there, we are shock while Lisa told us something, the homestay house has no drawing/ method statement/ SOP and what ever~~ @.@
Nevertheless, mostly are with applied with proper way and get approval from ketua kampung.

We stayed for 3 nights~ There are snorkeling trips everyday~~ really enjoy~ :>
Heavean => Very nice snorkeling trip and nice visit to Kapalai Island
Hell        => Naked life style of native in Mabul Island. Garbage every where, naked children running here and there, very basic settlement~

Here are some nice photo for Kapalai Island~ Really feel like Maldives~

Share some Geographical Pictures~
 The speedboat's speed is around 40km/h~

 Will pass the Menampilek Island~

 On the way to Mabul~

On the way to Mabul~

 Going back from Mabul Island

Reaching the Semporna Jetty

Will upload more pictures and videos soon~ stay tuned~


  1. Very interesting opinions of the good and worst of Mabul, nice pictures: thank you; it's a help for me to go there or no...

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is worth to go indeed. I spent less than RM500 at that time including transportation (from KLIA), meals and accommodation~

  2. I am sorry, that I could not go there, how I planned before: after the kidnapping and killing on Pom Pom, my friends in KK did not want, that I go into this area...

    1. ya. that's true. these cases gave deep impact on the tourism there indeed. gonna wait for some time to ensure the security is back to normal. can try Pulau Perhentian, it is no bad too~ :>

  3. I am sad, that since this were two new kidnappings of three persons in this region. I heard also good about Perhentian - but it's too far for me: my time is only short, so I try to be only in Sabah. I visit in January Pulau Mantanani - a very nice island: but snorkeling is only possible with a boat, not from the beach.

  4. Now govt has imposed the curfew where by ban all the night activities in Sabah region. Kinda safe now recently.

  5. I was a third time in Sabah last April - but all my friends warned me, not to go to the Semporna islands: so I never visited my island dreams. I was with friends for dinner in a seafood restaurant in Sandakan: only 200 m from that place was the kidnapping of two persons some weeks later in another restaurant at the same daytime.


Thanks for the comment