13 August 2011

My 'First Night' In Taiwan~~ 我在台湾的“初夜”〜〜

Arriving at around 8.00pm, slightly delay from the schedule. Yet, the very helpful volunteer manage to 'trace' us. (We are not alien~)After getting the goodie bag (wow, consists of mobile phone, easy access card to use on public transport, and a nice name tag), my dearest host family is kind enough to pick me up from Taichung (around 1.5 hour).. So touching~~

带着紧张、期盼的心情,大约下午8时到达桃源机场。虽然我的班机稍微有点延迟然而,非常勤力志愿者都能“发现我们 我们并不是外星人吧)拿取获得礼包哇,包括手机,公共交通名字标签我最亲爱的接待家庭特地从台中来接约1.5小时)..非常动人、感恩噢〜〜
Mama, Chia Chen, Little Kai Kai, YY~

Recharge a while before going~

 Sweat~~ -.-||| (If you can read Mandarin)
Explanation, this is beauty of Mandarin (have fun with language~)

烘 ~~手机 => Dry~~ Mobile Phone (I am having fun with this~~ muahaha)
烘手~机 => Hand Dryer Machine (Correct meaning)

烘 ~~手机~ (开玩笑的,别生气噢~)
Immediately, I have my 1st supper in Taiwan~~ yummy~~ Have a look here~~

Wow, nice local dishes~

Another delegate from Ghana~ Mr Nana~ Our host family are friend, so we have supper together~
来自加纳的国际友人~Nana 先生~

I am not drunk.. yet~
耐拍,不耐喝~~  :>

After 1.5 hours driving, finally, I would like to say, Home Sweet Home~~  It really looks like a hotel. Really appreciate my dearest host family~
Wow, sleeping alone with King size bed~

Has personal toilet~~
 My work station~

Finally, good night everyone~~ hope can see all of you~

With love,
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