15 August 2011

Non-Stop Eating Trip~~不停的吃~

A special day, a mini gathering day, Vivi and I go to Taichung Garden to meet other international friends. After chatting and taking some photos, we go to a very nice Meridian Restaurant. The environment is nice, therefore, many photos have been taken~

Today, our guide is Mr. Chang. Omg, he is a professional food hunter~ 1st station, we arrive at Sunny Hills of Nantou, Taichung. There is very nice and soft pineapple cake(It is free for 1 piece each person~) and free flow of Wu-Long Tea~
今天,我们的导游是张先生。 OMG,他是一个专业的食客〜第一站,我们到达了南投,台中的微热山丘。这里有非常好吃、柔软的凤梨酥(每个人免费吃的1个〜)和任喝的乌龙茶〜

2nd station, Frozen Black Claw~ One of the very local specialty and in this place, Yuan Lin~ It taste great and nutritious~ It is enriched with variety of proteins and collagen. (I have been told, anyone can verify for me?)
第二站,黑竹园鸡脚冻〜一个当地特产,在这个地方-员林〜它的味道不错、口感佳而富有营养的-有丰富的蛋白质和胶原。 (根据剪报,各位请验证验证~)
During our way, we have a stop at Plant Nursery~ Wow, the nursery is extremely special. The scenery is superb. Vivi says during autumn, it has totally different view and I am looking forward to visit again.

Last, but not least, we try the Meat Ball in Bei Dou. It is cook in spicy spice and serve with little cassava. Besides, we order also the herb soup to replenish our ‘travel spirit’

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15 Aug 2011
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