16 August 2011

Picnic Day~ 野餐记~

A picnic day~ Wow, today we go to one of the best scenery place in Taichung, Ba-Gua-Cha-Yuan (Octagon Tea Plantation). It is located in Zhulin. Vivi’s mother has prepared nice food early morning, really appreciate for this~ We are enjoying the cool breeze, nice scenery and the best meal~

Besides, there are nice view for the bamboo forest~ It reminds me a movie~ Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon~ Promptly, we grab this opportunity to take many pictures~ After that, we have a stop at Vivi’s friend place and enjoy the nice tea~ We get a tin of tea as souvenir. Thanks boss~ Next station, Nantou City, we visit the Lan-Tian-Shu-Yuan (Academic of Lan-Tian), a very historical place that has been built more than 180 ago. The design is ancient and unique.
竹山~真的有很多竹林耶〜这里让我想起了一部电影〜卧虎藏龙〜当然,我们哪会放过任何美景,便趁机拍摄了许多照片〜而后,我们到佳臻姐朋友家歇一 歇,并享受了不错的下午茶〜我们还拿了一罐茶叶作为纪念品,感谢老板〜下一站,南投市,我们参观蓝田书院-拥有超过180年的历史。

After a while, our stomach is making noise~ We stop at a restaurant nearby which is famous with Yi-Mian (A kind of Noodle). It taste great and I believe most people can ‘accept’ it~

Our last stop, the dessert stall which Vivi says it has been operated 30 years ago and now is 3rd generation~ Yummy… the dessert~

With filled stomach, we back to home safely.. This time is the earliest.. 9.00pm.. It breaks the record~~ hehe… Night~~
带着饱满的肚子,我们又安全抵达了~这一次是最早回到..晚上9时..破了纪录〜〜嘿嘿... 晚安了〜〜

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16 Aug 2011
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