15 August 2011

'2nd half' on 13 Aug 11 in Taichung~

After home cooking lunch~Vivi brings me to Hsinchu as she is having a meeting. Prompt, I walk through some places of Hsinchu~

Lets the photos talk~

 Taiwan portable fan~

 Many construction in Hsinchu, the property price is growing like rocket~
Future skycrapper

 There are different in highway toll~~ Be cautious~

 I see Ninja Kaka!!!


 Price of the day~

 This is interesting~ Self-service car wash~

 Self-service with equipments provided~

 Bicycle riding route in Hsinchu~

 And see this 'cute' dog~

After the meeting, immediately we rush to Nantun, Taichung to join a BBQ party and meet many international friends~

 Serge, from Democratic Republic of the Congo

 Cute host family and international guests~

Group photo~
To be continue......


  1. nice captures =)
    very detail of your reporting =D
    good good

    walao, can u wear tshirt mae?
    u r travelling now, not playing basketball mae

  2. wow!! nice trip!! and all participants are so young! great!! =)


Thanks for the comment