18 April 2009

Issuance of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 (Government Bond)

Let’s have some saving in Government Bonds

Recently, our government has released a bond which is opened to public above 21 years old on 14 April 2009. Previously, it is only released to senior citizen (above 55 years old).

Points of Interest:

1) It is something like FD, it will give 5% each year for total 3 years.

2) The Bond sales period will end after 1 month, means will end on 13 May 2009

3) If you got extra money, can save some in this BOND instead of putting in FD (2.5% only)

For more detail of the bond, pls surf


YY on the way to buy a ‘SUKUK’

What is this meaning? I believe that this bank is not a racist bank. The bond is already opened to public, why this ‘cute’ bank ‘encourage’ discrimination ‘act’ ?

‘Buy now or NEVER’ => It might be meaning that this kind of ‘fair act’, shall be ended soon as a WIND of CHANGE is coming? Hope so… ^.^

The customers are MALAYSIAN…..

The staff is…. MALAYSIAN too… so it is fair

The GOOD DEAL Investment is only opened to MALAYSIAN…. Is fair ???!!! Malaysia Boleh~~~

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