08 October 2017

Mobile Plan in Japan for Foreign Students who stay 1 year and more

I just arrived in Yokohama early Oct 2017. And I am having a dilemma in choosing the mobile plan. There is a writing quite resourceful which is here.

However it is not as easy once I getting into real time application. Below are some of my experiences:-

- the DMM seems is cheaper as the only company provide 1GB option, YET, 1 of the Japanese friend told that there is no physical shop to test your handset/setting for you. You gonna apply online, pay and the sim will deliver to your doorstep.

- I went to survey around Yokohama Station, there is a huge telecommunication plaza are suitable for the survey. With a Vietnamese uni mate and a Romanian tutor (she is well-verse in Japanese), we manage to compare 2 telco (Y-Mobile & OCN Mobile) . Here are the package detail :

i) OCN

Data (3GB) + voice = Yen 1944 / month

ii) Y Mobile
Data (1GB) + voice = Yen 1980 / month for the 1st year, Yen 2980 for the second year onward. The pros only it include unlimited free calls for 10 mins / call.

However, few days ago my course-mate did apply at another telco service and we would like to give a try. To my surprise, the plan by BIC Sim is much value for money among two of above. I applied here, just less than 10 mins walk from Yokohama Station. (Bic Camera Yokohama Nishiguchi shop, 2 Minamisaiwai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Both of us have applied this plan :

i) Data (3GB) + voice = Yen 1728

*** There is a on going promo until 31 Oct 2017, whereby Yen 300 discount and 3GB extra for 1 year! There for I am getting 6GB + voice at the price Yen 1428 for 1 year. Even cheaper that the DMM.

*** Reminder, there is minimum contract of 12 months, so no problem for me as will stay for 2 years. The cancellation cost is the remaining months x Yen 1020. Still the plan seems like most value for money.

*** Reminder, to get this package/price, ALL telco seems need CREDIT CARD for the application/payment. (should be no problem once open an account in Japan, an ATM card, Debit Card and a Credit Card will be provided. I haven't received them yet and I use my country credit card which is OK.)

The staff there is patient. We tested our mobile phone with the sim.We only sign up once the sim is compatible with our mobile phone. Required docs are
i) Residence Card
ii) Credit Card

That's all. Simple & Easy.

- BIC SIM is powered by IIJmio and using NTT Docomo line. (I am a bit confuse at first as IIJmio and NTT Docomo has it own plan. My mobile is showing NTT Docomo for the carrier service.)
- another freebie is free WIFI ID for Wi2 300 wireless lan service which I have registered an ID for free.
- another good thing is the staff told me the English website just launched by IIJmio. However, I am using Chrome which has auto-translated into English. (https://www.iijmio.jp/member/)

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