12 October 2016

What's Next After The Letter To MPSJ?

Today I have sent the "Bantahan" letter to MPSJ at round 9am. The process is quite fast and smooth, less than 10 mins.

I entered from the main entrance, saw the information counter at the right. The lady told me that to get security pass and go 1 level up and submit the letter at "Jabatan Penilaian and Pengurusan Harta"

Nobody at the counter, I rang the bell and in few second a male staff came out and received my letter. Remember do bring a copy of letter to get the received chop as record.

What's next? I asked. The guy told me wait for the next stage, MPSJ will call for a round table meeting to meet those have submitted the letter.

Dear SS 19/6 community, kindly submit the "surat bantahan" before 17 Oct 2016 to stand a chance to prevent the price hike on our assessment (cukai pintu). Let's strive together and wait for the next meeting.

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