07 September 2010

An Escape to Turtle Sanctuary

This is the wonderful moment which I dream to join this program since few years ago...

SEATRU => Sea Turtle Research Unit

A volunteer services to assist and participate the SEATRU activities which are : Night patrolling, data recording..

The program is opened to public from April to Oct every year. More info about this, please visit => seatru.wordpress.com/

YY's Diary

Day 1 (28 Aug 2010)
All the volunteers (total 8 of us) gather at the Turtle House in UMT at 9.00am. We are given the SEATRU 'official' shirt (quite nice actually). At around 10.00am, the pak cik (van driver) arrives. There a lot of groceries (our food for 1 week!) we need to move into the van. It takes around 40 mins to Merang Jetty. On the way, the considerate pak cik stops by to let us to buy some mineral water and to have some food. At 11.00am, we arrive at jetty. We have amber time to relax and take a nap as the next speedboat transfer is at 12.30pm. Z..z..z.. 1.15pm, at Laguna Jetty, we wait for second boat transfer to the Chagar Hutang Beach which is located at north of the Pulau Redang and there is no access road from Laguna or Berjaya Resort. We are given a comprehensive briefing (everyone is starving and very sleepy) by Lionel, a research assistan in Chagar Hutang. We checked in the wooden quarters. There is no fan/ aircond at all, yet, only natural breeze~~ A staff, Mizi guides us to the 'Ayu Spa' aka Prawn Spa. Basically it is like a normal stream of waterfall. The specialty is the pond there has many of tiny prawn! Whenever we sink our leg into the pond, the group of prawn will slowly crawl up and 'massage' the leg! It's cool!

There is so much new experiences... In summary(hehe... too much to write~~)...

Everyone shall have a visit.. My mum very excited and I am the only 1 who ever bring along mother~~ There was a volunteer came with his father~~

I have shared some pictures in my FB~~

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