25 March 2010

Streamyx Cool Uni Pack~~

*** Updated on 26 April 2010. The price is being reduced due to the launching of HSBB (High Speed Broadband)

- RM 38 / month for 384kbps , RM43 => 512kbps , RM68 => 1Mbps , RM 73 => 2Mbps, RM88 => 4Mbps

Really cool… I just applied it… I believe it is the best deal package so far the TM has.

Streamyx installation/activation on 13 March 2010 and I received the HP Mini 210 netbook on 20 March 2010~

The package detail:

- RM 50 / month for 384kbps , RM65 => 512kbps , RM80 => 1Mbps , RM 95 => 2Mbps, RM100 => 4Mbps

- Contract 2 years

- Free a netbook.

- The account is usable for ANY Streamyx Zone Area, as long as I am with the package.

- free wireless modem (1 year warranty)


- Undergraduates (IPTA/IPTS) in 1st or 2nd year study are eligible to apply on it. The phone line can be other people account.

From my survey, the netbook is HP 210 mini, currently it is about RM1399. For the calculation, RM50 X 24 = RM1200..It is still worth it. RM50 is seems like a little installation and with streamyx home and streamyx zone...

official link at here


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