06 May 2009

Welcome to Thailand~~

Travel period : 25 - 30 April 2009 (woo.. H1N1 spreading period~~)
Travel purpose : Business Trip (I did enjoy after work happy hour~~ )
Final destination : Chonburi , Thailand (40 mins driving from Suvarnabhumi Airport/ 80 km from Bangkok, 80km from Pattaya)

***Travel tips***

- Learn some basic Thai Language before going there, example => how much(thao rai), number 1-10, 20-100, etc.

- Exchange Thai Baht at Thailand Airport, the rate is much better than exchange in Malaysia.

2009 04 25
Wong and I reached Suvarnabhumi Airport around 7.30pm. After registering at the customs, we took a rental car... Toyota Camry~~

We were heading to Chonburi after getting the car. It took around 45 mins to reached the hotel.

After checking in the hotel => Chon Inter Hotel

2009 04 26
After working, I manage to meet 1 of my UTM Flying Dance buddy, Ah Guan~~~
We went to a city.. Thai ppl describe it as 'Men Heaven' => Pattaya.
We just have some sight seeing then go back~~

2009 04 27

To be continue~~ :>


McDonald... krAp~~~
Walk... drive... explore... in Chonburi & Pattaya... Coming soon... stay toon...

Walking... exploring....

Yaris helps me travel whole Pattaya....

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  1. wa... how come McDonald 叔叔 got this post one? first time see~ at Thailand de ar?

    Maybe in Malaysia they can put to sleep like 睡佛~~ very interesting too~~ haha~~


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