25 May 2009

Prince Siddhartha The Musical ~~ Show Time~~

After half year practice the performance moment is coming finally~~
Is time to show our result after hardwork~~ Gogogo~
Act cool before shaving my head~~

No choice… What to do?? 南牟阿弥陀佛~~

Interior of Istana Budaya


It is hardly believe there is such grand & superior opera in Malaysia~~

Really impressive~~


Guess who is him?

(1 of the Astro talent Quest Champion~~)

Ms Devil~~ so cute~~
Who is him? I cant remember.. :p
Uncle.. pls make up.. dun read..
Nw only u rush.. :D

TQ for the support~~~

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  1. Yeah!! 光头仔!! Really cute!

    Wish to see u this thurday~ watch out~ hehe...


Thanks for the comment